Mother Tinctures

Mother Tinctures


Purity from plant to Mother Tincture

SBL offers more than 400 varieties of mother tinctures of different categories in 30ml, 100ml & 500ml packs.

SBL's mother tinctures offer optimum concentration of active substances. Selection of herbs / plant is done when they are rich in their constituents and cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and processing them fresh (except for logistic infeasibility). Stainless steel vessels and presses are used for ensuring safety from contamination.

Multidisciplinary testing - physical, chemical, microbiological - ensure the quality and time-stability of the product.

Pure Herbs

Pure ENA & Demineralized Water

Pure Environment

To ensure consistent quality in every batch of mother tinctures:

HPTLC is a highly sophisticated equipment used for the qualitative (finger printing) as well as quantitative analysis of drug ingredients i.e. glycosides, alkaloids etc. that are present in tinctures and extracts.

It is also used for developing in-house standardization of mother tinctures, and developing analytical methods for testing MTs. The quality standard is maintained at every stage of processing right from sourcing the basic herb up to the final packaging with following SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).


Selection of herbs/ plant is done when they are rich in their active constituent and cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This gives high-grade raw material for better therapeutics.


Electronic infrared moisture analyzer determines the moisture in the herbs.
To maintain the right balance between moisture and menstruum to get the right % of alcohol for optimal extraction of active ingredients.

The graded herbs are macerated in extra neutral alcohol and freshly prepared demineralized water for at least 3 weeks in stainless steel containers.
Use of demineralized water ensures complete eradication of metal, minerals, impurities; that eliminates chances of chemical reaction with active ingredient of herb extract. Moreover the use of stainless steel containers prevents any metallic contamination.

The macerated residue is pressed by heavy hydraulic presses with different gadget systems for maintaining exact pressure to get the optimum extraction for therapeutic concentration. Different herbs require different pressures for giving maximum leaching.


SBL, mother tinctures are tested and analyzed through a multi-disciplinary approach covering physical, chemical, and analytical methods like TLC & HPTLC (which indicates the spectrum of active ingredients).
The various testing methods ensure that the Mother tinctures are made from genuine herbs, having optimum active ingredients containing no impurities.

Equipment like bottles, tubes, micro-pipettes are first cleaned by demineralized water and then dried in the oven for one hour at 150oC before use.

All manufacturing of mother tinctures is done under pollution-free environment to attain pure uncontaminated mother tincture for better efficacy.

High quality mother tincture helps us to make homoeopathic attenuations of the highest therapeutic efficacy. SBL offers more than 400 varieties of mother tinctures. The highest efficacy and time stability are the hallmarks of SBL's mother tinctures.