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  • Liver is the largest organ that produces around 500 enzymes and hence is known as chemical factory of body.
  • It performs many important functions like aiding in digestion, detoxifying poisonous substances into non-poisonous ones.
  • Liver is constantly under threat by almost everything we eat or drinklike alcohol, contaminated food & water, drugs, bacteria, virus etc. resulting in impaired liver functions.
  • Unhealthy liver may lead to problems like jaundice, poor appetite, fatty liver, hepatitis etc.
  • SBL’s LIV T contains extracts of selected herbs which help combat various liver disorders, protect & improve liver functions.
  • It performs dual actions, i.e. corrects the deranged liveras well as protects the liver from harmful substances.
• Improves appetite
• protects liver from various toxic substances.
• Helps improve liver health.
• Useful in jaundice, nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite.
• Pain or heaviness in right upper abdomen.
• Alcoholism.
Andrographis paniculata Q Carduus marianus Q Chelidonium majus Q Hydrastis canadensis Q Ipecacuanha Q Podophyllum peltatum Q Taraxacum officinale Q
Adults: Two teaspoonful Children: One teaspoonful Three times a day half an hour after meals or as prescribed by the physician.
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