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Product Name: Scalptone Tablets

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Available packs size:   Packs of 25 gm and 450 gm. Each tablet 250 mg.

Excessive hair loss can be caused by dandruff, genetic factors, certain diseases, stress, medications, under or over activity of sebaceous glands and aging. Scalptone is a combination of well proven drugs of homoeopathic therapeutics to keep hair roots healthy and curb hair-loss.

Excessive hair loss, itching, irritation & dryness of scalp, thinning & splitting of hair, dandruff.


Acidum fluoricum                 3x  
Acidum phosphoricum         3x  
Natrum muriaticum              3x  
Calcarea phosphorica         3x  
Badiaga                               3x  

Adult: 2 tablets, 4 times daily.
Children: Half of the adult’s dose.