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Product Name: Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops

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Available packs size:   10 ml with dropper

There are several causes of cataract such as aging, smoking, alcoholism, diabetes and
prolonged exposure to sunlight. Dr. Boericke W. and Dr. Clarke J.H. have mentioned
successful use of Cineraria maritima in cases of cataract and corneal opacities. 
SBL’s Cineraria maritima 10% eye drops, is an effective homoeopathic product,
is effective and safe for long term use. SBL’s eye drops are manufactured under
completely sterile conditions, in the state-of-the-art ophthalmic unit.

Clouding of vision. Haziness


Cineraria maritima Q 10.0% w/w
Sodium methyl hydroxybenzoate I.P. 00.10% w/w
Isotonic solution of sodium chloride q.s  

Instill 1- 2 drops into the eye, 3 times daily. The dosage should continue for several months.