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Product Name: Vital Plus (General Tonic)

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Available packs size:   100 ml & 180 ml

Ideal companion to energize the young and the old (General tonic).
VITAL PLUS is a herbal rejuvenator with goodness of Ashwagandha, well known medicines for Strengthening immune system and digestive system. VITAL PLUS restores physical and mental well being. VITAL PLUS removes fatigue, removes paucity of essential nutrients by strengthening the digestive system.

Composition & Action of individual ingredients:

Ashwagandha Strengthens immune system, removes stress
Jaun Debility after exhausting diseases
Cinchona Debility, exhausting disease
Yavakshar Recommended for nervousness and restlessness
Javakhar Extreme weakness
Lauh bhasma Anaemia and tiredness
Muktashukti Bhasma To increase vitality

1) General debility
2) During convalescence
3) During stress & anxiety
4) Loss of appetite
5) Pregnant women and lactating mothers
6) Male sexual debility 

No known contraindication

One tablespoonful thrice a day after meals