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Renal colic is severe pain in lower back or sides. The pain is usually on one side, but may be on both sides of the lower back. Renal colic may start quickly, come and go, and become worse over time. It is caused by a blockage in the urinary tract. The most common cause of blockage is due to accumulation of crystals like calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate and urates mainly, which are formed due to super-saturation of urine. Blood clots, ureter spasms, and dead tissue may also block the urinary tract.

Colo-Crys-B-Tab regulates the colloid-crystalloid balance. It helps disintegrate the crystals & prevent their formation in kidneys.


Renal colic. Pain felt in flanks extending to groins which may be accompanied with painful urination


Saxifraga ligulata (Pashan bhed) - Litholytic, anti-inflammatory, crystal-growth inhibitor, diuretic; for urinary troubles, kidney stones.

Boerhaavia diffusa (Punarnava) – Anti-urolithiasis, normalize serum parameters of kidney function, reduces urinary salts; for kidney stones, cystitis, and nephritis

Shwet parpati - Urinary calculi, dysuria

Hazrat yahud pishti - Urinary calculus

Dolichos biflorus (Kulthi) - Dysuria, urinary calculi. Has anti-calcifying activity

Crataeva nurvala (Varun) - Painful and burning urination, urinary and kidney stones

Acacia arabica (Babool) - Detoxifies the body

Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru) - Acts as a diuretic, anti-microbial, alkalizer

Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) - Diuretic; removes urinary stones & relieves UTI

Parmelia perlata (Shailaya) - Prevents formation of calculi

Dosage: One tablet, three times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

In-House Clinical Trial Report

An In-House Clinical Trial conducted on 44 subjects suffering from Renal calculi, size ranging from 2mm-12mm showed that 93.6 % of them had marked relief in the symptoms associated with Renal Calculi