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Product Name: B-TRIM DROPS

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Available packs size:   Bottle of 30ml

A person’s weight is the result of many factors like height, genes, metabolic rate, lifestyle, environment and certain endocrinal disorders. Maintaining a healthy weight requires keeping a balance between consumption of calories and physical activities.

SBL’s B-Trim Drops helps regulate the hunger patterns and fat metabolism. It has favourable influence on digestion, absorption, thus lowering intake of food


Calcarea carbonica   3x 

Thyroidinum             3x       

Fucus vesiculosus     Q      

Phytolacca berry       Q        


Recommended for individuals who wish to improve their metabolism. Indicated in post-natal weight gain.


Pregnancy and lactation


Adults: 10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water 4 times daily