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India is widely lacking menstrual hygiene awareness

India is widely lacking menstrual hygiene awareness

25 Dec, 2021
While menstrual hygiene is an essential aspect of adult life of a woman, a study confirms that usage of sanitary pads is less than even 20% in India, and yet another study states that around 70% of reproductive infections are caused by bad menstrual hygiene. Image is far grimmer especially in rural India. The social stigma faced by menstrual practices widely affects the reproductive health of women. This is a major cause of concern that merely lack of awareness in regards to menstrual hygiene practices is leading our women towards severe women centric health issues. Very few women are aware that vaginal area is not supposed to be washed with soap based cleansers. Any substance cleaning that area of the body, is supposed to be chemical free and gentle.
Why vaginal hygiene is important?
Fungal Infections: -it may sound harsh but reality should be confronted in order to bring in right solution. Unhygienic vagina potentially aggravates fungal infection. The same infection can ascend from vagina to cervix and cause cervicitis, and prolonged untreated cervicitis can lead to cervical cancer.
UTI: Fungal infection caused by poor hygiene can ascend through the urethra and potentially lead to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and the same infection ascends through urinary tract to even kidneys.
Ultimately preventing infection from invading internal parts of the vagina and urinary tract is important. Regular use of Clean Feel - Feminine hygiene wash will serve the right purpose. It is infused with herbal extracts of Calendula and Boswellia. Calendula has natural Antiseptic properties and Boswellia has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is gentle on skin and easy to use. 
How self-cleaning of vagina happens:
Women have some natural bacteria (flora) present in their vaginal area. These bacteria keep cleaning vagina automatically. Hence minor white discharge from the vaginal area is normal, rather it is healthy. This white substance is discarded by these bacteria while cleaning job in vaginal area. But during menstruation these bacteria are lesser active and vaginal area gets prone to infections.  Clean Feel-feminine hygiene wash infused with herbal extracts of Calendula and Boswellia, helps keep the vaginal area infection free.
How to maintain menstrual hygiene:
  • Avoid any chemical based cleaners or liquid washes; use medicated wash as per doctors’ suggestion. Clean Feel-feminine hygiene wash.
  • Keep the vaginal area dry. Pat dry with a towel after every wash.
  • Ensure clean toilets and intimate hygiene products and equipment.
  • Wear clean cotton undergarments and change them regularly
  • Avoid drying undergarments in the damp area like bathroom or under other big clothes as the moisture present in fabric can lead to itching, rash etc. Leave the social stigma behind and let them dry in open. 
  • Avoid soap water as they can affect the bacterial cleaning management
  • Wash the area with clean normal water while taking bath on daily basis. For better results use Clean Feel - Feminine hygiene wash on regular basis.
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