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The role of Potentization in Homoeopathy

The role of Potentization in Homoeopathy

25 Dec, 2021
The word Homoeopathy means ‘Homo’ similar, ‘eo’ symptoms, ‘pathy’ suffering. It is a German word coined by the founder of homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. His thought process was that a substance which produces a symptom in a healthy individual, will cure similar set of symptoms in a diseased individual, if given in a more diluted form and is able to treat the symptoms. This is the basic principle of homoeopathy ‘like treats like.’
The rising concern over unnecessary consumption of medicines and their harmful effects can be wisely dealt in the homeopathy field.  The procedure involved in making these homeopathy medicines remove the potential harmful effects. This is called Homoeopathic Potentization or Dynamization. Unlike other alternative systems of medicine wherein the extracts from the herbs are used in their basic forms, Homoeopathic Potentization is a procedure under which the crude natural elements/minerals/toxic materials converted into highly useful medicinal product. The latent curative properties of the material are highly enhanced and the inert chemical properties are highly reduced.  
The extracts are developed with alcohol, water and Lactose (sugar of milk), acting as the mediums. As the name of the procedure itself suggests it potentises the medicine, which means crude substances are minimalized and the possibility of side effects are finished. Over the years’ advances have taken place in this procedure which has multiplied the benefits.
Potentization enhances the immune system of the human body and thereby enables the vital force to become more powerful so as to be able to fight the disease.  Homoeopathy believes that the human body is capable of self-preservation; thereby the immune system of the body naturally enhances when the body is under undue stress of harmful agents or disease.
Two types of potentization are there:
  1. In Succussion, drugs soluble in alcohol or water are diluted with either alcohol or water and shaken vigorously in a serial order allowing uniform mixing of the drug substance.
  1. In Trituration, those drugs which are insoluble in alcohol or water or in any liquid media are thoroughly grounded with Sugar of Milk (lactose) in a systematic serial order.

The symptoms of the disease need to be corroborated by the qualified homoeopathic physician who seeks the most similar drug that wakens up the vital force to cure the disease itself. There are no known side effects of this system of medicine.

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