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Ailment vs Remedy

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Ailment Remedy
Acidity Nixocid Tablets Nixocid Syrup
Allergic Rhinitis SBL Drops No. 8  
Anaemia Fe-Min Tablets Ferrumsip Syrup
Anxiety & Stress Tranquil Tablets  
Blood Sugar Frequent Urination ,
Increased Thirst And
Appetite, Myalgia
Dibonil Tablets Dibonil Drop, Diaboherb Oral Liquid
Blurred Vision During Old Age Cineraria Maritima 10% Eyedrops Cineraria Maritima (Alcohol Free) Eyedops
Cervical Pain SBL Drops No. 5  
Cold And Flu AF-Tabs  
Conjunctivitis And Eye Strain Euphrasia 10% Eyedrops  
Cough Stobal SBL Drops No. 9
Delayed And Difficult Dentition Denton Tablets  
Earache Mullein Ear Drops  
Fissures And Engorged Rectal Veins FP-Tabs  
General Weakness/
Loss Of Appetite
Alfalfa Malt Alfalfa Tonic ,
Alfalfa Tonic Paediatric,
Alfalfa Tonic Sugar Free
Hair Fall Scalptone Tablets SBL Drops No. 1
Haziness And Conjunctivitis Cineraria Maritima
Euphrasia Eyedrops
Headache Relaxhed Tablets Relaxhed Drops
Heart Tonic Tonicard Gold Drops  
Hot Flashes SBL Drops No. 10  
Imperfect Assimilation
In Growing Children
Growth Promoter
Rite-Hite Tablets  
Indigestion Kalmegh Syrup Kalmegh Paediatric Drops
Infantile Colic Zerogrype Drops  
Injury And Wounds AT-Tabs Arnica Act Spray
Woundwell Calendula Spray
Intestinal Worms Wormorid Drops  
Leucorrhoea Pelvorin Tablets  
Liver Tonic Liv T Liv T Paediatric
Lower Backache Vertefine Drops  
Male Tonic Damiagra Forte Drops
Management Of Arterial Tension SBL Drops No. 4  
Management Of Weight B-Trim Drops Phytolacca Berry Tablets
Minor Burns & Scalds Burn-rel Spray  
Monthly Abdominal Pain Dysmin Tablets SBL Drops No. 2
Mouth Ulcers Rinsout Drops  
Muscle And Joint Pain SBL Drops No. 6 Orthomuv Syrup,Orthomuv Massage Oil/ Roll-on/ Spray
Nerve Tonic Sativol Five Phos A +, Five Phos Tablets
Osteoporosis Homeocal Tablets  
Pimples & Acne Pimplex Tablets Wipeclear Acne Lotion
Psoriasis & Depigmentation Babchi Oil  
Renal Colic Clearstone Drops  
Sinusitis SBL Drops No. 7  
Sleeplessness Sleeptite Tablets  
Tonsillitis Tonsilat Tablets  
Urinary Complaints Of Elderly Men Prostonum Drops  
Urinary Tract Infection SBL Drops No. 3  
Uterine Tonic Utrofyne Syrup  
Viral Infections Ache-nil Drops  
Warts Thuja Roll-on  
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