Speciality Liquids

Orthomuv Massage Oil

Orthomuv massage oil is enriched with homoeopathic medicines that penetrate swiftly to the area of pain.

Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops

Conjunctivitis is usually caused by the bacteria and viruses. It may also be triggered by an allergic reaction to dust,

Mullein Ear Drops

Earache is a common complaint in children as they are more prone to ear infections than adults but it may occur at any age.

Tonicard Drops

Preventive & Adjunct to cardica Treatment
Angina pectoris, arrhythmia, palpitation, br...

Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia Eye Drops

For Prevention of cataract, photophobia, irritation in eyes 
1) Early signs of catara...

Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops

Curbs progression of cataract 
Cataract (curbs progression), corneal opacities, cloud...

Dibonil Drops

Diabetes and associated symptoms

Denton Syrup

Delayed and Difficult Dentition 
Gum swelling, irritability, refusal to feed, droolin...

Prostonum Drops

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia,Frequent urge for urination, hesitancy & interrupted flow of uri...

Orthomuv Massage Oil

Joint and Muscle Pain,Acute and chronic muscle and joint affections like arthritis,

Utrofyne Syrup

Irregular, profuse menstruation (Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia) and associated symptoms like backache...

LIV-T ( LIVER TONIC) & LIV-T PAEDIATRIC ( In Mixed Fruit Flavour)

Liver disordes,Hepatitis (acute, chronic and alcoholic), jaundice, loss of appetite, sluggish liv...

Clearstone Drops

For Renal Calculi (Kidney and ureter stone),Kidney and ureter stones ( Unilateral / Bilateral)

Relaxed Drops

For migraine & recurrent headache,Migraine, recurrent headache due to exposure to sun, indige...

Alfalfa Tonic

Facilitates recovery,Wasting diseases (Tuberculosis, Typhoid, IBS, Malignancies, Diabetes mellitu...

Damiagra Drops

Erectile dysfunction Loss of erectile power, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, depression, l...

Denton Syrup

Delayed and Difficult Dentition,Gum swelling, irritability, refusal to feed, drooling of saliva,<...