Speciality Tablets

AF-Tabs Tablets

AF-Tabs, a product of SBL is a combination of well proven drugs of homoeopathic therapeutics, 

For Anaemia

Anaemia is a major health concern in all age groups. During pregnancy and lactation the ...

Nixocid Tablets

Heartburn, sour eructation, flatulence, burning sensation in stomach, gastritis, gastric ulcers

Pimplex Tablets

Acne with or without pain, pimples, comedones.

Tranquil Tablets

Anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia.

Femin Tablets Enhances The Nutrient Binding Capacity Of Cells

Anaemic conditions Anaemia in girls during puberty, pregnant women and lactating mothers and...

Denton Tablets

Delayed and Difficult Dentition 

Dysmin Tablets

Dysmenorrrhoea and associated symptoms like abdominal cramps, backache, pain in legs, headache, d...

Tonsilat Tablets

Tonsillitis . Acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat.

FP-Tabs (tablets) & FP- Ointment

Fissures and piles,Painful or bleeding piles, fissures & associated pains, constipation and b...

Homeocal Tablets

Osteoporosis (prevention and treatment),Pre & post menopausal period, osteoporosis,

Pelvorin Tablets

Leucorrhoea,Excessive vaginal discharge, associated symptoms like itching, redness, backache, wea...

AT-Tabs Tablets

Anti-trauma,Sprains, muscular pain, joint pain, fractures, backache, shock (after trauma or accid...


For children who have imperfect assimilation, who do not grow and develop, anaemic, having feeble...

Relaxed Tablets

For migraine & recurrent headache,Migraine, recurrent headache due to exposure to sun, indige...

Scalptone Tablets

Scalp disorders/Hair problems,Excessive hair loss, itching, irritation & dryness of scalp,&nb...

Denton Tablets

Delayed and Difficult Dentition