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Product Name: LIV-T ( LIVER TONIC) & LIV-T PAEDIATRIC ( In Mixed Fruit Flavour)

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Available packs size:   60 ml, 115 ml, 180 ml and 500 ml.

Liv-T, a product for liver disorders, is a clinically proven hepatic tonic. Liv-T is specially formulated to combat various liver disorders caused by bacterial & viral infections, drugs, alcohol and chemicals. Liv-T rejuvenates hepatic cells, tones-up the liver, eliminates hepatic toxins, promotes the flow of bile and prevents its thickening & crystallization, promotes appetite and strengthens the digestive process thus restores good health.


Carduus marianus Q
Chelidonium majus Q
Taraxacum Q
Ipecacuanha Q
Andrographis paniculata 
Hydrastis canadensis Q
Podophyllum peltatum Q

Clinical trial:
A clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Rajiv Tandon, MD (Paediatrics), on 100 patients suffering from jaundice, fever, loss of appetite, enlarged liver, painful liver, nausea & vomiting. Marked improvement was noticed within a week, with faster control of symptoms and better improvements in liver functions.
Adult: 2 teaspoonfuls thrice daily, ½ hour after meals.