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Product Name: FP-Tabs (tablets) & FP- Ointment

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Available packs size:   25 gms and 450 gms. Each tablet 250 mg,25 gm

FP-200 (tablets, ointment) is a combination of well proven homoeopathic drugs that have pain relieving, anti-constipatory and haemostatic properties. FP-200 helps in curing anal fissures and haemorrhoids by reducing pain and venous congestion around the anus. 

FP-Tabs Tablets

Ratanhia 3
Hamamelis virginica 3x
Calcarea fluorica 3x
Aesculus hippocastanum 3x
Aloe socotrina 6

FP-200 tablets: 2 tablets every 3 hours.
FP-200 Ointment: Apply locally, twice a day.

FP- Ointment

Hamamelis virginica Q
Hydrastis canadensis Q
Aesculus hippocastanum Q
Ratanhia Q
Paeonia officinalis Q
Viburnum prunifolium Q
Paraffinum molle album q.s. to 100 gm