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Product Name: Tranquil Tablets

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Available packs size:   25 gms and 450 gms. Each tablet 100 mg

Stress, depression and anxiety are the modern day plagues and affect everyone to one degree or another. Tranquil is a SBL’s in-house developed and clinically proven homoeopathic formulation. Tranquil is a blend of well known homoeopathic medicines. Tranquil raises brain threshold, so that the body can cope up with stress and anxiety better. Tranquil improves self-confidence to deal with problems and situations effectively by relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Tranquil promotes natural sleep with clear awakening and helps depressed individual to work.



Abrus precatorius 3x
Kali phosphoricum 3x
Aconitum napellus 3x
Calendula officinalis 3x
Viburnum opulus 3x
Zincum picricum 3x


Recent clinical trials done by R&D , SBL reconfirmred the trials conducted at Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Dr. R.R. Kasliwal, Director (Cardiologist) was the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators were Dr. Rachna K. Singh (Consultant Homoeopath) and Dr. Bhavna Barmi (Clinical Psychologist).The trial showed Tranquil to be very effective in patients suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. None of the patients who completed the study reported any adverse effects.

Adults: 2 tablets, 4 times a day.
Children: Half of the adult’s dose