Bio Chemic / Combination

Bio Chemic / Combination

Perfection at Every Stage
In human body, there are certain essential salts (inorganic) that are responsible for growth, development and repair of tissue cells. These tissue cells constitute organs. Deficiency of any of these salts can cause disorder and disease in a particular organ. As early as 1873, Dr.W.H.Schuessler, M.D., an eminent German homoeopathic physician, found 12 essential inorganic salts which are present in tissue cells of human body, and discovered that the "presence of these 12 salts in the blood and tissues are sufficient to cure diseases caused by their deficiency." These essential salts are called bio-chemic salts, and the system of therapy researched and established by Dr.W.H.Schuessler is known as bio-chemic therapy. This therapy is an offshoot of homoeopathy as the twelve salts are potentised and used as homoeopathic drugs.

When an imbalance or deficiency of a particular bio-chemic salt is compensated as medicine, it not only alleviates the symptoms and treats the disease caused by the deficiency, but also checks the imbalance of that particular salt. This therapy developed in 19th century, still holds good as millions of patients all over the world are treated by this proven therapy.

SBL, the leading homoeopathic company in India, manufacturing the entire range of bio-chemic salts through the latest technology, using imported lactose, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, produces unmatched quality of bio-chemic tablets at par with international standards.

Complete range of bio-chemics (in 3X to 200X potencies) and bio-combinations is available in 25gm and 450gm packs.

Manufacturing of the tablets i.e. trituration, bio-chemics, bio-combinations is a highly complex process, which requires immaculate quality control measures that are as precise as mother tinctures and dilutions.

SBL uses imported lactose, ensures the uniformity of the medicament in each tablet and is extremely important for the medicine to be effective and are tested for optimum disintegration, dissolution time, friability and average weight.
Pure Imported Lactose
Uniform Dispersion of Medicament
Automatic Production Process
Manufacturing of the tablets, i.e., trituration, bio-chemics, bio-combinations is a highly complex process, which requires immaculate quality control measures that are as precise as mother tinctures and dilutions.
Proper trituration of the salts in the right proportions

Ensures the uniformity of the medicament in each tablet and is extremely important for the medicine to be effective.
At SBL, we use only lactose to make the tablets.

This is because lactose melts at body temperature in the mouth thus greatly enhancing the efficacy of the medicine unlike sucrose, which takes longer time to dissolve. The action of medicine begins in the mouth.
SBL uses lactose imported from Holland, which is at least 300% more expensive than sucrose.
The salts used for making the triturations/tablets are of the best pharma grade quality.
The quality of the basic raw material for making tablets is very important for its efficacy and quick action. 

Lactose is further tested at SBL's own quality control labs conforming to I.P.(International Pharmacopoeia) standards for purity.

This eliminates possibility of impurities, which may reduce the efficacy of the medicine.

There are various stages between the opening of the lactose bag and the finished tablets. There is a danger of contamination at every stage unless handled carefully.

All sugar products (sucrose, fructose and lactose) attract various kinds of insects and being hygroscopic absorbs atmospheric moisture, resulting in poor quality tablets. At SBL, special care is taken, once a bag of Lactose is opened the entire content is consumed for the making of tablets so that the quality of lactose is maintained.
The drying temperature as well as the pressure of the tableting machine has to be strictly controlled and adjusted so that the finished products meet the standards of tablets as laid down in H.P. I. The tablet should neither be too soft that it breaks in transit nor too hard that it does not dissolve early and of uniform weight for optimum efficacy.

In each batch the tablets are tested for optimal: 
Disintegration time Dissolution time, Hardness, Average weight, Friability & Weight variation 
SBL tablets dissolve in the mouth within 
15 seconds, which is fastest as compared to competitors. 
Faster the medicine dissolves, quicker is the action, hence better efficacy.
SBL uses only demineralized water. Ordinary water, as used by some manufacturers, is the surest way of contamination.
Tablets are finally packed in neutral glass bottles by automatic filling machine without any touch of human hand ensuring zero contamination, an USP of SBL, as it is not practiced by most of the manufacturers of homoeopathic medicines.

The tablets thus produced have high therapeutic efficacy because SBL tablets are made as pure and as perfect as possible.
Anaemia Ferrum phosphoricum Feverish condition, Catarrhal condition of respiratory tract
Boils /Pimples Calcarea sulphurica Cystic tumours, fibroids, eczema, suppuration
Brittle Nails Silicea Growth disturbances of hair, diseases of bones, caries, delayed healing, weeping eczema, pyorrhoea
Dandruff / Itchy skin Kali sulphuricum Catarrh with yellow discharge, (bronchitis, pharyngitis, chronic suppurative otitis media), itching of the skin and seasonal rashes.
Ear Infection Kali muriaticum Throat infection, glandular inflammation
General weakness / Sleeplessness Kali phosphoricum Prostration, mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, examination fear
Headache Natrum muriaticum Intermittent fever, sun stroke, toothache, stomachache, diabetes
Heart burn / Indigestion Natrum phosphoricum Sour eructation and vomiting, nocturnal enuresis
Liver disorder Natrum sulphuricum Gastric biliousness, Uric acid diathesis
Muscular Cramps Magnesium phosphorica Muscular pain, convulsions, flatulent colic
Teething Calcarea phosphorica Growth supplement for children, puberty, pregnancy, old age, fractures
Varicose veins Calcareafluorica Piles, cataract, gumboils, arteriosclerosis

SBL offers conventional range of 28 Bio-combinations, made with its high-grade biochemics.


AILMENT No. Useful for other indications associated with main complaint
Acidity, Flatulence, Indigestion 25 Gastric disturbances, hyperacidity, sour eructations, flatulence, flatulent colic, dyspepsia, bilious vomiting, heartburn and jaundice.
Anaemia 1 Irritable children with poor digestion, waxy appearance of skin, neurasthenia and continuous loss of blood from any part of the body
Asthma 2 Bronchial asthma with yellow or greenish sputum or ropy sputum, short breath on climbing stairs, dry, tickling spasmodic & whooping cough
Colic 3 Abdominal pain relieved by pressure, flatulent colic, colic due to inflammatory condition and colic in infants/children during teething
Constipation 4 Dull headache, foul breath, and coated tongue
Coryza (Nasal discharge) 5 Coryza with dull headache specially suited to sensitive and anaemic persons, sneezing, continuous thick white yellowish, discharge due to inflammation of mucous membranes
Cough, Cold & Catarrh 6 Headache with cold, sneezing with discharge due to inflamed mucous membrane, pain in chest , bronchitis with or without rattling sound and dyspnoea
Diabetes 7 Impaired kidney or liver functions
Diarrhoea 8 Diarrhoea during dentition (thin watery, greenish stools), stools with blood, involuntary stools
Dysentery 9 Stools with mucous and blood
Fever 11 Associated with inflammatory conditions
Headache 12 Headache due to exposure to sun, sleeplessness, sluggish liver, worries
Leucorrhoea 13 General weakness of young girls with or without functional neurosis
Measles 14 Sneezing and thin discharge from nose, watery eyes, throbbing headache, cough and fever
Menstrual troubles 15 Irregular menses, scanty in young girls, excessive in elderly women, metrorrhagia, long lasting profuse menses and painful menstruation
Nervous exhaustion 16 Lassitude, depression, irritability, hysterical behaviour, night terror, somnambulance, sleeplessness, impaired memory
Piles 17 Bleeding haemorrhoids, fissures, internal piles with or without pain, backache
Pyorrhoea 18 Gum boils, toothache, gums sensitive to cold, spongy bleeding gums and foul breath
Rheumatism 19 Joint and muscular pain with cramps and stiffness. Lumbago and sciatica
Scrofula (Enlarged glands) 22 For both dry and suppurating scrofulous glandular abscesses. Acne, erythema and vesicles containing a thick white content
Skin diseases 20 Acne, chaps and cracks, whitlow, eczema, eruptions on the scalp, seborrhoea, psoriasis, herpes and similar eruptive diseases. It is also indicated in postoperative adhesion and sycotic excrescences
Teething troubles 21 Griping and diarrhoea
Tonsils enlarged 10 Inflamed and follicular tonsillitis, painful with white coating or greying white patches on tongue or tonsils, bad breath with loss of appetite
Toothache 23 Swelling and bleeding of gums and for strengthening of teeth
Nerve & Brain related 
24 (5-phos) For tissue building and nutrition to nerves, brain and bones. Tonic for chronically wasting diseases, anaemia, general debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality Weakness caused by child bearing; neurasthenia, anxiety, impaired memory and physical & mental exhaustion due to over work
Easy Parturition (easy delivery) 26 For general health of mother and proper development of child. Prevents miscarriage. Nonspecific lower abdomen pain during pregnancy and anxiety states
Lack of vitality 27 Impotence, depressed libido, lassitude, general debility; premature emission
Weakness/ debility(Tonic) 28 Tissue-salt deficiency, debilitating diseases, and for convalescence. Helps better utilisation of food and improves resistance